Sportsmanship Award

This award is given every year to the High School whose players, coaches, administrators and fans demonstrate the highest degree of sportsmanship in a competitive environment. It should be noted that coins dated 2018 (for example), were earned by the prior year's class (2017).

 [design is in process]Washington State School for the Deaf
Head Coach: Rob McArthur
Athletic Director: Ron Spratlen

(Awarded to the Fall 2019 team)

Fort Vancouver High School
Head Coach: Neil Lomax
Athletic Director: Julie Pagel

(Awarded to the Fall 2018 team)

Hudson’s Bay High School
Head Coach: Ray Lions
Athletic Director: Patrice Woods

(Awarded to the Fall 2017 team)
Washougal High School
Head Coach: Dave Hajek
Athletic Director: Doug Cox

(Awarded to the Fall 2016 team)

Hudson’s Bay High School
Head Coach: Mark Oliverio
Athletic Director: Kevin Bryant

(Awarded to the Fall 2015 team)
 2015 Coin (2014 team)
 [Being Researched]
(Awarded to the Fall 2014 team)
Union High School
Principal: Brian Grimsted
Athletic Director: Cale Piland

(Awarded to the Fall 2013 team)
  Seton Catholic High School
Principal: Ed Little
Athletic Director: Dick Scobba

(Awarded to the Fall 2012 team)

Fort Vancouver High School
Principal: Scott Parker
Athletic Director: John Griffin

(Awarded to the Fall 2011 team)
  Stevenson High School
Principal: Kim Meche
Athletic Director: John Kilpatrick

(Awarded to the Fall 2010 team)
Mt. View High School 
Principal: Mike Meloy
Athletic Director: Adam Mathieson

(Awarded to the Fall 2009 team)
  Kings Way Christian High School
Principal: Ron Franklin
Athletic Director: Luke Gillock

(Awarded to the Fall 2008 team)

Columbia High School 
Principal: Troy Whittle
Athletic Director: Howard Kreps

(Awarded to the Fall 2007 team)