Training Schedule

Below is the training schedule that is both in use and under construction.  As it matures, every topic will contain clickable links to notes and an agenda of what will be discussed during class.  Each Wednesday, Apprentice and Intermediate officials meet from 6:00pm - 6:50pm.  Varsity topics are discussed during the general assembly meeting from 7:00pm - 8:30pm.  Be sure to check the Calendar of Events for specific dates and times.

Want to know more?  There are additional training materials at the bottom of this page.  Be sure to check them out!
Week  Apprentice IntermediateVarsity 
01 Getting Started
How to use Arbiter
(Read WOA Mechanics Book)
Rule Changes
Points of Emphasis
Video Review:
•  Helmet to Helmet
•  Blindside Blocks
•  Defenseless Player
 02Fouls you MUST know
Signals you MUST know
Whistle to SnapWOA Mechanics
 034-Man Mechanics
5-Man Mechanics
Penalty Enforcement
Certification Test Review
 04Managing YOUR Sideline
Managing YOUR Chain Crew
(Chain Crew Instructions)
So you want to be a White Hat?Rule 9 - Conduct of Players and Others
 05All About the Clock: Timing
(Clock Operator Instructions)
The Kicking Game
Rule 10 - Enforcement of Penalties
 06Penalty Enforcement
(NFHS Football Signals)
 Penalty Enforcement (Mechanics)
 07The Kicking Game
PSK Foul
 Fouls: Live and Dead
Fouls: With Change of Possession
Fouls: Double and Multiple
 08 Field Mechanics Review Game Situations  TBD
 09 Game Situations TBD TBD

​Additional Training Materials

Gridiron Officials Camp
 This is the premier camp for WOA Football Officials. Officials attending the Gridiron Officials Camp receive 8+ hours of individual and crew instruction in the classroom and on the field.  While here, officials join players and coaches on the field to hone skills, tune communications, and improve the game of High School Football.
WOA Play of Interest On this page you'll find plays that the WOA RTO observers found noteworthy on a week to week basis.
AzFOA Training VideoThis training video covers Downs, Fumbles, Forward Progress and the Goal Line.  Target audience: beginning and intermediates.